Spring Semester Classes

I had an absolute meltdown during registration yesterday morning. Registration begins at 7 and as everyone knows the first 30 seconds is crucial to either having a crappy semester or the best semester of your college career.

Ok. Maybe it’s not quite that dramatic. But still, it’s pretty important to get on there as close to 7 as you can.

At 6:55 my computer decides that  I don’t have access to the UVM website. FREAK OUT MODE. I was instantly in a frenzy of worry and confusion, my house mate next door was also registering when she heard the commotion.

7 o’clock came, and still I couldn’t get in to register for my classes. I needed an Italian Renaissance art history class badly and there were only about 15 spots. Every second that ticked by was an eternity and yet another spot being filled for a class I was dying to get into. My house mate gave me her computer to try and log in but I still couldn’t get logged into the system. Unavailable. Unavailable. Unavailable, was all I kept encountering.

By 7:06 I was a blubbering puddle of pity as I wallowed that I wouldn’t get any of the classes I needed.

Then, suddenly, I ray of hope. I finally was able to get to the class registration page, I eagerly punched in the numbers and hit enter, it paused, I waited…waited  some more……….kept waiting…….and finally, I was registered for all five of the classes I needed!!!!!!!

I’ve got a pretty awesome schedule next semester with all the coolest classes and IM SO EXCITED


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