Thanksgiving Break!!!

I am so beyond excited for Thanksgiving Break to get here. I am planning on having a big Thanksgiving with all of my friends before we all go home and everyone is bringing something. I think about 30 people are going to be there so it’s going to be seriously crowded in my apartment! We don’t even have a dining room table!! Oh well, we can make it work. What’s so great about Thanksgiving is being around all the people you love and I certainly love all of my friends 🙂

My parents are coming up tomorrow for a visit and I’ll be happy to see my dad because I haven’t seen him since August.

I’m also excited to eat REAL food. I want to eat a home cooked meal so bad, I eat the same thing pretty much every week. I usually make stir fry or alfredo because those are the two main dishes I can put in tupperware for work and eat at night when I don’t feel like making anything else so I’m kind of stuck in a food rut.

Along with Thanksgiving comes with all the stress of my job outside campus. I work at a retail store so it’s going to be insane, especially on BLACK FRIDAY. AHHH!!!! Everyone at work is on edge about making our sales goals and  making sure that the employees aren’t making any mistakes. I’m super paranoid  now because I don’t want to mess up on register or have something go wrong at work because customers will be up in arms….with pitchforks.

But oh well. It’s only one day….right?

Also the semester is drawing to an end and everyone is stressed out over finals. Only one class is giving me a hard time, but then again everyone else in our class is having a hard time as well so I’m not completely alone. All I have to do is do well on the other quizzes and ace the final and the project then I’m home free!!! YAYY!

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