Already Thinking About Summer…

I’m at that stage in my college career when I’m beginning to become obsessed with the future; What am I doing after school? Where am I going to live? How am I going to pay my bills?


These thoughts are so troubling I actually stay up thinking about it at night. It’s scary. All of sudden it’s not the next test you’re worried about but paying the rent on time or making sure you have enough money to buy groceries. I’m starting to already think about my summer job and making enough money to pay rent.  It really does suck to have to worry about money all the time, but hey, I am a poor college student. I’m trying to think about how I can scale back on my spending and here’s what I’ve come up with…

1) Practice self control. I work at a clothing store so naturally I go into work, see all the new clothes we have in stock, and I want to buy them ALL. It’s terrible how much money I’ve spent on new clothes. Instead, I’ve looked through my closet and evaluated what I need and what I don’t need. Also, if you live with other people, have a clothing swap! Your roomate might think that his/her wardrobe is really boring but their old clothes are like new to you. Plus there is already enough clothes and excess in the world so go to a second hand store like Plato’s closet or Second Time Around on church street.

2) Oh man I really just want to buy a sandwich at the store instead of actually getting up to making something. This always seems like a good choice at the time, until you get your bank statement and suddenly all those five dollar burritos start adding up fast. Or the classic, “It’s the 2 am on the weekend and and I want to order wings!!!!!!!” Ya. That adds up fast too.

3) Conserving water. Come on people you don’t need to take 20-30 minute showers, it’s totally unnecessary.

4) Ugly sweater parties. Not ready to turn on the heat in your apartment? Gather your friends and have an ugly sweater party, see who’s unicorn or Christmas sweater can be the most hideous! be careful though, you need some heat or your pipes will freeze over and burst = not good= a lot more money to fix.

5) Turn off your lights and tv when you leave. This is so basic I shouldn’t even have to put it on here. Not cool. Although I have been known to leave the tv on once or twice but I’m workin’ on it.

6) Buying groceries. There’s no shame in buying the generic stuff, it’s basically the same except without fancy packaging. Also, buy in bulk, it’s cheaper, except if you don’t plan on eating it all, then it’s a waste.

7) Get a direct deposit at work if you don’t already have one. I have one for my job and it’s great, if I don’t have the money put in my hands I’m a lot less likely to go out and spend it.

8) Limit your restaurant outings. I had quite a few of these in the beginning of the year with all my friends’ birthdays. It’s important to celebrate but be careful because some restaurants are just too expensive.

9) Don’t mess up your apartment. Getting that security deposit back will be well worth the effort.

10) Anything you need just ask yourself; How bad do I need it? Will I die/starve/be maimed without it? If not, you probably don’t need it. Also ask; Can I just make it myself?

So many questions to ask before spending the mula.  But  “C’est la vie,” you are broke college student!!

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