I am beyond excited because Monday is Halloween and that means an entire weekend of costumes, candy and FUN!! Halloween at UVM is so incredibly fun and over the top, everyone is always running around in a costume or handing out candy.

You can’t just have one Halloween costume you have to have two or three for the weekend. Planning out your costume is critical, because there are so many things to figure out and things to plan for.

1) Think about the TEMPERATURE. How cold is it going to be? Especially for the ladies, you don’t want to freeze your butt off in the cold.

2) Make sure the props you have won’t be annoying all night.

3) Will people even know who you are? Make sure your costume can be explained in about 20 words or less. If you have to explain all night that’s no fun.

4) If you’re doing a group costume theme make sure it’s identifiable. Plan out group members potentially abandoning you at some part of the night. ¬†Two blind mice without the third isn’t quite as hilarious, frankly it’s just sad.

5) Will any part of this costume cause me any potential injury at some part of the night? Tridents, samurai swords, furry animals and jet packs may be potential safety hazards. Things to ask yourself; will this prop maim, impale or burn me at any part of the night?

6) Will this Halloween costume get me punched in the face? Costumes that are culturally offense or racist may draw unwanted and hazardous attention to you. If you are going to something offensive perhaps wear padding or some sort of armor to buffer any beatings that come your way. Although since about 90% of costumes in college are pretty offense you will probably be ok.

7) Can I fit through doors and dance without hitting, knocking down or get in the way of those around me? All of sudden dressing like Saturn isn’t so fun when you can’t fit yourself through doors and keep mowing people down with your planetary rings.

8) Will 100 other people be running around with the same costume? Come on people, be original sometimes.  Although the classic costumes tend to be the most cost and time effective sometimes it pays to think outside the box.

9) Will I encounter duels with other people? Gladiators, Star Wars characters and Ninjas, be ready to engage in mock battles when seeing fellow costume brethren. This probably won’t happen often, or really at all, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

10) You want to have fun in your costume so make it comfortable for dancing, walking, running or any other shenanigans you might get into. Halloween is supposed to be super awesome so have a great time!

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