Falling into Fall

Finally the leaves are starting to change colors and all I can think about is hiking and apple picking. It’s getting to be sweater weather and that’s always awesome too. My mind seems to be focused more on the beauty of the season and fun with friends lately :p

Already we’re halfway through the semester and I’m beginning to worry just a bit.

Every time you get a bad grade on something you simply say, “Oh, I’ll try harder next time, there will be plenty of opportunities to boost my grade.” Well, those chances are starting to dwindle further through the semester. Right now I’m panicking about one class where we only have 3 exams in the semester, 3. OH GOD.

I’ll be honest, you’re not going to give 110% to every class. Some classes will be easier for you but others will be harder and will require more work. Don’t slack off in your easy classes though, because you’ll need those good grades to buffer anything bad grades coming your way in other classes.

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