The Horror, The Horror!

Well I must say I had a very magical Tuesday. This was the day of my exam for my Asian Traditions class, and man was it a doozy. I had heard that the exam was going to be hard, I studied a little, and went to bed very late the night before, awesome preparation. At the end of the day, it was time, I sat down with my fellow classmates and held the test in my hands.


I had never seen anything like it. Fill in the blanks with only select words in the word bank, the rest we had to conjure up from memory.

My heart sank. I paused and heard a few gasps of surprise and moans of defeat. Everyone was in my boat. “Begin,” my professor commanded the class.

Begin where? I had no idea how to tackle it. I had thought I knew the material, thought I’d be ok. It was not to be so this dark afternoon. It’s a terrible feeling; looking at a test, defeated before you even start. I answered everything I knew, completely fell apart on a few and rushed until the very end to convey any sort of knowledge through my pencil.

Then, it was over.

Once outside people frantically flipped through their notes to see what they got wrong, several people asked their companions what they wrote for the questions and others just calmly walked away. I stomped all the way home, stewing about what my grade would be. I was disappointed, not in the test, but in myself. I could’ve studied harder and should’ve gone to bed earlier. All of these things replayed over and over in my mind; if only…. I had taken for granted the precious time I had to study and now I was paying for it.

Finally, today I was sick of beating myself up over a test that was over already, it was in the past and i couldn’t do anything about it. I have two more exams and 6 quizzes left in that class.

It’s time to rally.

Yes, rally the troops. Forget the bad grade! It may not even be that bad. No. It’ll be bad. But there’s nothing I can do now but try harder next time and DOMINATE. I realized how useless it was to obsess about a bad grade that I could no longer control, it was a much better idea to look to the future and control the outcome of the next tests. That’s worth obsessing about.

Don’t worry if you got a really crappy grade. Well, worry only enough to motivate you to do better next time. Don’t wallow in grief for days over grades that are done and set in stone, RALLY the troops and do better next time.

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