So far I’ve had two exams in which I’ve totally DOMINATED! Everyone says that Junior year is supposed to be your hardest year, so far I haven’t had too big of a problem. Maybe these are some of the reasons it might be difficult…..

1) Living off campus for the first time. This may be hard in many different ways; you’re figuring out how to pay bills for your apartment, you have to plan all of your own cooking, and depending on where you live you have to shlep all the way to campus in rain or snow.

2) Class choice gets a lot more narrow.  What you choose for classes gets more selective according to your major. Although, some people might feel like this is easier because then we don’t have to bother with that crappy distribution requirement class that brings your GPA down.  You also get into those 100 level class where you have to actually do work?!

3) The adult world is looming.  Suddenly things get a bit more real. You have to start finding a legit job, get long term goals and provide for yourself. You decide are you going to go to graduate school, find a career, move back home, move somewhere else, or join the circus. AHHHH!!!

There are so many things that are socially acceptable in college that are not in the real world. So, so many things. I mean where else can you roll into class in pajamas and find three other people doing the same thing? Or go downtown, and get into all sorts of shenanigans you’ll (hopefully) laugh about later?

4) Gotta get a J-O-B. Somehow,  in Burlington,  rent, utilities and food aren’t free. I know right? It’s madness. So us poor college students have to find extra jobs to fund our, you know, LIVES. We have to eat, stay sort of warm in winter time and have a roof over our heads so that’s more money. Having a job outside school also sucks up time from studying and friends. Learning to juggle all of these things can be quite challenging.


Despite all these fall backs of Junior year remember IT’S NOT THAT BAD. You still have one more year in college to totally live it up and figure what you’re going to do with the whole adult life-thing.

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