First Exam is Looming

My Art History exam is already coming up this Friday. :/

I’m a little apprehensive about it but most of the stuff we have learned about is art pieces and buildings in antiquity. I’ve seen all of these ¬†already in most of my Classical civilization classes. I find it so amazing how many parallels there are between all of the classes you take. I took a History of the Near East class last year and we learned about Assyria, Babylon, and other ancient cities. All of the art from this time period is going to be on the exam Friday and it’s so nice to already have a background in it.

Im also in an Asian Traditions class now and elements of Asian religion are mentioned in my other class called, Pagans and Christians, which is about Christianizing the Roman Empire. Crazy Stuff! I know I love to be a nerd but it’s so fun when you learn about things over and over in different places and perspectives.

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