Living With People You Love Can Be a Problem…….For School Work That Is

I happen to live in an apartment with my best friends. It is amazing every day to be around them, so much so that my school work tends to take a back seat sometimes. I read for a little while but then the laughter of my roommates beckons me away from my studies.

Everyone ┬áhas that though, where you’ll do anything to not do your work. I’ve been known to go on a cleaning rampage just so I didn’t have to do my reading ;p Last night we jokingly defined studying as, “the act of eating, texting, talking and watching tv with an open textbook nearby.” Im sure most every college student can relate to this.

What saves me are the long gaps in between my classes. I go to the library and focus only on reading, because I know when I go home my work will just sit there, very lonely. ┬áDuring these times I’m alone and not surrounded by friends to distract me, which really keeps me stay on top of my work,

Finding those special times is key for keeping up with your studies but also having a social life. Balancing these two spheres of your life can be difficult but it can be done!

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