Is it Friday Yet?

I find myself asking this question every week…usually starting Sunday. Living on campus Rebecca Black’s “It’s Friday” would be blasting out of the dorms at the end of every week. It was one of the best feelings every time I walked outside and it was Friday. The music would start from all corners of campus, culminating in a symphony of good feeling and anticipation.

So why is Friday so amazing??? It’s not just the end of a work week but the beginning of possibilities, excitement and shenanigans with your friends. It’s the day where everyone shares the same feeling of pure joy. The week isn’t so bad, but there’s just something about the rapture of Friday that unifies all of the students. Even the professors feel it, like, “Yes, no class!” Because unfortunately for them they can’t fall asleep in class and take a break :p

The weekend is for you to let loose for a few days and have fun; that’s why Jesus invented it.  Sure you have to go to your job and do some homework but it’s still FREEDOM.  Words can never describe the stir that ripples through campus on a Friday afternoon.

In Burlington there are so many places to go and people to meet. It’s awesome off-campus because there are so many friends’ apartments you can go to, the selection is endless. There is always something to do in Burlington, no matter who you are or where you live.

It’s almost Friday!…….but seriously….it’s only Tuesday.

FUN FACT: Of course I know Jesus did not invent Friday. It derives from the Roman Empire and corresponds with the planet Venus. Venus was the goddess of love which explains the feeling of rapture and passionate excitement that is a common symptom college students feel on Fridays. 🙂 Just a theory…..

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