Those People…

A Brief and True Report of the Peoples That Inhabit Our Classrooms

You know those people. Those people in your classes who you dread having a group discussion with. They always sit in the front, raise their hand first, interrupt other students and seem to “know-it-all.” Today, I was a sandwich; an Oreo cookie of pretentious, blasphemous discourse. I sat between two “know-it-alls” as we know commonly know them. They always droll out something and the whole class sits and listens…..pause…..what?

No words are spoken.

Everyone remains silent for a moment soaking up the awkwardness that has now just fumigated the room.

Oh yes.

The teacher recovers, coolly steers the conversation onward while we all wonder why these people have to speak like 15th century poets delivering a sonnet rather than having a laid back class discussion.

No matter! It is essential you learn to deal with these people early in school because they continually permeate the realm of academia.  Nobody says it out loud, but we’re all thinking it. It’s the big pretentious elephant in the room.  Ideally we’re all good students but modest about our intellect and remain on a personable level in our discussions. I think the know-it-alls bother us not because they actually know it all but they feel the need show the world how much they think they know.

UVM is the coolest place to be and very few are snobby. It’s just a humorous digression to finally reveal the big elephant in the room. It remains there in all of our classrooms, those people, but all we can do is laugh it off and know everyone is doing to same.

Urban Dictionary defines them as this….

Know It All
pejorative One who makes it appear as if they’re an expert on a subject while there are also signals (subtly or blatantly noticeable) that this person doesn’t know very much on the subject or at least as much as they’re acting like they do on the subject; pretending to have much knowledge on a subject matter

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