The Joys of Home Cooking

One if the things I enjoy about living off campus is having a kitchen. It’s so nice to be able to walk right downstairs and cook whatever you want. I was with my housemates last night looking through one of the most amazing cook books I have ever seen. All the recipes looked so delicious and yummy; from the lasagna dishes to the coma inducing sugary sweetness of the desserts, I want to make it ALL.

I find that cooking at home also helps me to be a better planner. I have to bring a lunch or snack to my classes so I plan ahead what I’m going to make on Sunday, make a large meal then put it in tupperware for the next few days.

Some people cringe at the thought of not having an unlimited meal plan or not having pre-made food at your fingertips. For awhile that’s nice but then you get tired of the same old thing and you want some variety! Your appetite is continually restricted to the food that’s readily available on campus. But off campus you have endless choices! Or if you’re like me, whatever your wallet can afford to eat. It can be expensive if you don’t plan right, but if you’re creative and savvy, eating off campus can be so amazing.

In Ratatouille, Chef Gusteau says, “Anyone can cook!” If Remy the rat can be a chef so can you!


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