Off Campus Living

I recently came back to UVM for my Junior year. This is also the first year where I haven’t lived on campus and I have to say the change is pretty radical. Based on my first impression this is what it’s like…

1) Downtown Burlington is very LOUD. No matter what time of the day it is people are always honking their horns, blaring music or otherwise talking ┬ávery loudly. I’ve been slowly getting used to it but at midnight when all I want to do is sleep for my early class it can get pretty frustrating.

2) The walk up to campus isn’t as bad as I thought. I live right near Pearl Street Beverage so its about a 10-15 minute walk. About as far as some places on campus like Jeane Mance or Trinity.

3) I have friends on Colchester so its hard when we all want to get together and none of us wants to be the one to either walk all the way up or down the hill.

4) We get to have a CAT! We have the cutest little kitty that lives with us and its nice to be able to have a pet in your house.

5) Wherever you live is tradeoff, each place is good in its own way. The top of the hill you’re close to class. The bottom of the hill you’re closer to downtown and the waterfront. Living on campus you’re close to other students and classes.

It depends on what you’re willing to sacrifice and live with that determines how you’ll like the apartment or dorm.

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