If You Don’t Like the Weather Just Wait Ten Minutes…..It’s Vermont

Yesterday and today were two of the most beautiful days at UVM I’ve seen for months. When its warm the entire campus seems to come out of hibernation, life is breathed back into every student. Everyone is outside long boarding, playing frisbee, children are inexplicably running and laughing around campus. I can never get over writing about spring in my blog because its spring that reminds me why I love UVM so much. The sun hitting Williams or Billings are such overwhelming sights. Everyone out on the green laughing and playing together, its the best.  This weekend we’re supposed to get a foot of snow….what. I know. What is this madness? It’s technically spring, don’t think the snow has gotten the memo yet….

On another note, something I’ve gotten pretty into recently is reading  the Watertower. Its basically a newspaper that is run by students and has the most hilarious articles in it. Students can totally relate to it because there are uncensored (pretty much) articles that really reflect campus shenanigans. If you want to know more about UVM through the eyes of its students then the Watertower is what you need to read.

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