Beginning of Sophomore Year

Here I am again now as a second year student! It’s exciting the second year because you already know people from last year. What’s different this year is that I’m on athletic campus a.k.a one of the best places to be in. So far I’ve been so busy, new classes, new people, you name it. I find this year I’ve slacked on prioritizing in the beginning. Now the third week I’m starting to get back into the “oh wait I have to study and do homework” mindset. With such a long summer it can be hard to get back into the groove of the Groovy UV.

I mentioned before about the delights of Northside cafe in one of my posts from last year. Well the policy has changed and its not the same as last year. What you can get is now limited and there are fewer options, thank goodness there are a whole lot of other places to eat!

It’s good to be back home 🙂

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