Small Secrets I Wish I knew at the Beginning of the Semester

The year is drawing to an end, so what have I learned so far from being here? Well there are definetly a few things…

1) Getting to know your professors is more valuable than you think. If you make an effort to try to get to know your professor they’ll be more forgiving if you miss a class or are having trouble. If they can put a face to the papers they’re grading, there’s a good chance you’ll do better. I’m not saying being BFF’s with your professor will give you an automatic A… I’m saying that with thousands of faces in the crowd, you want you’re professor to know who YOU are, not just your assignments.

2) There’s more time to do things than you think. In college you have so much time to do things. Some people think they have no time, that’s only because of procrastination. I have plenty of time to do my work but when I find myself in a crunch its usually because I didn’t prioritize my time.

3)Your sleep cycle will be messed up. When I first came here I got to bed at a decent hour. Now everyone is always up late. This is due to homework, people in your dorm keeping you up and sleeping incredibly late on weekends. Just accept it.

4)Your roomate situation isn’t as scary as you think. At first I was nervous about living with someone I didn’t even know. The first week for me was kinda boring because I didn’t know anyone. Everyone is in the same boat, nobody knows anyone. After a few weeks though people start to settle in and by the second semester everyone in my dorm had become a family. My roommate and I became best friends and she has come to be someone I can trust entirely. I know you’ve heard horror stories about psychotic roommates, but as long as you try to make it work, you’ll end up getting close to your roommate.

5)Each dorm on campus has a different dynamic. All the dorms on campus have their own unique traits.

Redstone– Very far from your classes and from most of the UVM campus. Nice dorms though, spacious and well kept. It’s quite the walk if you want to go downtown or anywhere else.

Athletic Campus– Right by the gym, the Marche, Harris Millis dining hall (aka “The Grundle”). Not quite as long a walk as Redstone but still a fair walking distance to get to classes and such. Nice dorms, especially the Greenhouse and UHeights. Athletic is the preferred campus.

Central Campus– (Where I spent my first year) Typically freshman dorms. These dorms are nicknamed “The shoe boxes” because of how small they are. However, central campus is the closest to all your classes. If you have an 8:30am class you can sleep in later because you don’t have to walk as far. There are always people to hang out with and people get pretty close. Overall my stay on Central campus was good, I liked the people and even though the dorms were a little small it nevertheless was always a good time.

Trinity Campus– Far from your classes, the dorms are different depending on what building you live in. It has its own small gym and a cafe.

******The biggest thing I wish I knew was the cafe on Trinity, its called the Northside cafe. I had unlimited meal plan, at this cafe you can get 2 meals worth of food as long as it was $15 or under. I would liken it to a mini grocery store. So basically you could grocery shop twice a day and get almost anything you want. I really wish I had known about it before, its amazing! Above all, I wish I had known about that place earlier because it will save you mad money on your grocery bill.******

Jeanne Mance– I haven’t heard anything about this particular campus. Its very far removed from the rest of UVM but its the shortest walk to downtown. Its far from your classes but I’ve heard people get to be close friends there as well.

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