Spring is in the Air

It’s spring time and the sun is shining upon glorious UVM, everyone is outside, laughing, playing games and all that jazz. Who wants to go to class? NOBODY. This is the time when the temptation to skip class grows faster than the budding trees. Remember what you came here for? EDUCATION. Skipping out on class means skipping out on $$$. Your credits cost you major cash so think twice before you want to skip.

Johny Raincloud rolled in this morning, what’s today’s forecast? Cloudy with a chance of midterm. Ew, midterms. Yes it is the week of midterms combined with the jolliness of Spring. Oh what a morbid combination.

It’s going to be hard to stay focused on midterms this time of year. Stay strong though!

But hey midterm week isn’t completely terrible. Do some homework outside, read a book on the Green, doing homework in the spring time can have its benefits. Instead of studying in your stuffy room enjoy the sun!

So stay focused on your tests and try not to miss too many classes, it really does add up. You’ll be happy in the long wrong when the grades get posted, because trust me, bad grades are a bigger downer than the rain in spring time.


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