Spring Semester

It’s January and the new semester has been underway for about a week now. What a week! Firstly, all my class have totally changed times and I’m in some new art classes. Thankfully I only have to wake up early twice a week now, instead of everyday. Some surprises I’ve encountered is my reservations about my classes. At first I was dreading my math class (I’m not much of a math person), I didn’t know how I was going to get through it at 8:30 am. Now its one of my favorite classes. It’s important to not make assumptions about how your classes are going to be based on what you like and dislike. Although you may not like to do math, bio or english, the teachers, different styles,and the dynamics of your class will change your perceptions. What you may have been dreading could actually turn out being a very good class.

In the first week its also important to not get too worked up or bogged down by all your new classes. I was in a frenzy the first week but don’t worry, it doesn’t take long to get back into the swing of Groovy UV.

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