One of the biggest issues in college is managing your finances. Oh jeez. You hear this so much but figure you’ll be fine with it. I thought the same thing. It honestly is hard to keep track of what you’re spending because you don’t have your family monitoring how you spend your cash.

Make sure you evaluate what you actually NEED. I was a victim of this when Burlington’s extensive shopping opportunities lured me in. I honestly didn’t need any new clothes but I got them any way because I didn’t think much of some money here or there. But it adds up over time and that is when its going to hit you.

Those loans and college bills aren’t just going to disappear. Saving now will help you have fun later because seriously, you arent going to want to pay later, might as well just get it over with now instead having a heart attack when you realize, because of a little extra spending, you’re bill is through the roof.

Moral of the story: think of how many luxuries you can afford to live with while still being safe with paying for college and bills and such.

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