Final Exams

Now is the time of the year when classes are winding down and its time to take the dreaded final exams. In my opinion, final exam week is not that bad. Why?

A) Chances are you won’t have an exam in EVERY class; you’ll probably have a paper or another sort of evaluation.

B) We are given almost 2 weeks for exams, which means more free time! Although you will be studying, you won’t be studying for an ENTIRE day, so you can take some time for yourself and breathe.

C) Exams aren’t that scary. You’re given plenty of time to study so don’t panic. If you have too many exams in a 24 hour period you are given the option of moving an exam. Convenient.

D) Professors are always there for you during their office hours. You have plenty of support. Just don’t wait until the last minute!

Example: I’m in 5 classes. I only have 2 final exams. One class I have a paper, one there is no final at all and the other is just a regular exam that isn’t cumulative.

This is surely not the time to slack because you’re just coming off Thanksgiving break and are about to go into Christmas break. It’s so easy to say you’ll do work over Thanksgiving but in reality, you’ll be spending way too much time with family and friends to get anything done. I brought a backpack full of books home = not a good idea. I ended up forgetting an important notebook at home and it had to be sent up to me. So don’t bank on doing a bunch of work over Thanksgiving, unless you absolutely know you can get it done because you don’t want to risk leaving anything behind (if you’re forgetful like me).

Just keep working hard, study and breathe.

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