Plan Your Time Wisely

One of the biggest things you hear in college is: time management. At first I didn’t take this too seriously and thought, ” Well, I could handle high school just fine so why not college?”

A) College, for me, is more difficult than high school because you basically have to teach yourself most of the material. YOU have to make sure that you keep up on your work and when you slack one day, it starts catching up to you quickly.

B) Having time for everything is impossible, so don’t even try to work yourself too hard in making sure your see everybody all the time. People understand that you’re busy so don’t freak out if you have to cancel plans and such.

C) Know your time constraints. Certain days you may have more or less time, so plan ahead. Days off are heavenly gifts so use them to their fullest, either get your fun in then or get all of your homework done.

Time management is a HUGE part of college, so don’t try to down play it like its no big deal because you know what? ITS A HUGE DEAL.

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