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My name is Alyssa Peteani and I’m from Rutland, Vermont. I like sports, art, being outside and music. Currently my major is undeclared and I’m in the college of Arts and Sciences.

So far school is quite different than how I thought it would be and some of these points will be good tips for incoming freshman. First of all even though you got up early in high school to go to classes its way different in college. You may think you can get up for those 8:30am classes but you’ll quickly find its far more tiring compared to high school. Granted, there are people who are morning people, I thought I was one of them. Its way more tiring to be a college student because you’re on the go all the time figuring out where to get food, when to do homework, hanging out with friends, doing laundry and dishes and all kinds of things.

Also, before you get to college, prepare your immune system. So far I’ve been sick with a cough for the three weeks that I’ve been here. Once someone on your floor gets sick, everyone will start getting sick and soon it will come to you too, so be prepared.

Despite all this college its a great experience so far. Vermont is such a nice place to be (Don’t know how I’ll feel about that in the winter though.) There is so much happening around you, explore! But also find time to balance things out, don’t get behind on homework or sleep. It’s a great place and a new experience, so enjoy it while you’re here.

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  10. Janet R.
    Oct 05, 2009 @ 17:47:54

    Hi Alssya,

    I’m from Underhill, VT. I am transferring from CCV to UVM next semester as a MUSIC major. I like all the same things you do. Although I’m not that good at sports, I still enjoy them. I am somewhat unsure of what career I’ll end up with, but thought I’d give music an honest effort. Thank you for your great advice on signing up for classes and what college on-campus is really like. Good luck on what you decide, and maybe I’ll see you in the college of Arts and Sciences in January.


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