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Anthropology Department Blog

New Publication By Deborah Blom

Posted: April 13th, 2014 by tmares

Tracing Childhood Book Cover

Deborah Blom has published a chapter entitled “Tracing Tiwanaku Childhoods: A Bioarchaeological Study of Age and Identity in Tiwanaku Society” in the volumeTracing Childhood: Bioarchaeological Investigations of Early Lives in Antiquity, edited by Jennifer L. Thompson, Marta Alfonso-Durruty, and John J. Crandall University Florida Press (May 2014)


AJ Anmaar Habib to start masters program this fall

Posted: April 13th, 2014 by tmares

UVM Anthropology alum A.J. Anmaar Habib will be starting a Masters Program in Urban Spatial Analytics with a certificate in Historic Preservation at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design.

Six anthropology majors elected for Phi Beta Kappa Membership

Posted: April 9th, 2014 by tmares

Congratulations to the following six anthropology majors who have been elected to Phi Beta Kappa Membership! These students will be inducted into the UVM chapter of Phi Beta Kappa this May. Phi Beta Kappa is the nation’s oldest honor society, and our department is  thrilled that the hard work of these students has been recognized.

  • Rachel Aronson
  • Terese Cioffredi
  • Joseph Friedman
  • Devin Halligan
  • Annika Nilsson
  • Maureen Pavlik

Rachel Aronson Awarded Emerson National Hunger Fellowship!

Posted: April 4th, 2014 by tmares

Congratulations to anthropology major Rachel Aronson (Class of 2014) who has recently been accepted to the Emerson National Hunger Fellowship Program at the Congressional Hunger Center in Washington DC! Each year, the fellowship program accepts 20 individuals from around the country to take part in a year-long program where fellows gain experience working on poverty and hunger alleviation efforts at the local and national level. This fellowship is a great next step for Rachel who will soon defend her senior honors thesis on the intersections of food insecurity, culturally appropriate food, and domestic violence. Congratulations Rachel!!

Dr. Manetta to give talk at the Formal Approaches to South Asian Languages Meeting

Posted: March 29th, 2014 by tmares

Dr. Emily Manetta will be giving a talk at Formal Approaches to South Asian Languages IV at Rutgers University on March 29. The talk is entitled “Alternative questions in Kashmiri” and will ask what can be learned from examining new data on yes/no questions and alternative questions in this understudied Indic language.


Emily Manetta’s Teaching Work Profiled in UVM today!

Posted: March 20th, 2014 by tmares

Professor Emily Manetta’s work developing hybrid courses was recently highlighted in UVM Today!

Luis Vivanco named co-director of the UVM Humanities Center

Posted: March 16th, 2014 by tmares


Professor Vivanco has recently been named co-director of the new UVM Humanities Center with Professor Jenemann from the English Department. For more information, please see the following story.

More Good News: Teresa Mares Awarded a REACH Grant

Posted: March 13th, 2014 by dblom

teresa_maresProf. Teresa Mares, Anthropology, was awarded a UVM REACH Grant for her project La Otra Frontera (The Other Border): Exploring Latino/a Migrant Foodways in Vermont.

This study investigates the food practices of Latino/a migrant workers in Vermont’s dairy industry. The first objective of this multi-year study is to examine: how one’s relationship to food and hunger shapes the decision to migrate; how accessing, preparing and sharing food influences household relationships before and after migration; and how migrant households negotiate food needs and preferences within the institutional structures and policies related to the market, the state, and civil society. The second objective is to test and improve the methodological tools used to research food security and food access within households that are excluded from US political citizenship. This study will establish quantitative measures of food security among Latino/a migrant households and combine these measures with qualitative data that provide a deeper understanding of how these households access food.

This REACH Award will support research conducted during the initial phases of this study. This includes conducting 200 surveys with Latino/a workers on Vermont’s dairies using the Spanish version of the US Household Food Security Survey Module, and conducting follow-up interviews with 50 households. Additionally, interviews will be conducted with service providers and other key stakeholders in the broader social network that Latino/households engage to access food.

Zach Hirsch (Class of 2012) now working for North Country Public Radio!

Posted: March 4th, 2014 by tmares

UVM Anthro Alum Zach Hirsch (class of 2012) has become a reporter for North Country Public Radio in upstate New York. While at UVM, Zach developed a talk show format as a DJ for WRUV, which he has parlayed post-graduation into a career in radio. Last year he received a prestigious Transom fellowship to hone his radio story-telling skills.

Zach produced a senior honors thesis while at UVM based on ethnographic research on the culture of surveillance on Church Street in Burlington, and is a committed ethnographer. As he says about his work as a radio reporter, “I love it. I feel like I’m still doing anthropology every day. Each story feels like a mini-ethnography.”

Here are some of his more recent stories. As you’ll hear, they have strong anthropological dimensions. Here is a story on NYPD surveillance of mosques. (As Zach said about this piece, “My old friend Foucault was on my mind for this one.”) and another about a transgender woman’s self discovery.

Theo Klein awarded APLE Summer Stipend!

Posted: March 1st, 2014 by tmares

Anthropology major Theo Klein has been awarded an APLE Summer Stipend from the College of Arts and Sciences to fund his research project “Examining Church Architecture and Evangelization at Carrizales, Peru.” He will use support this highly competitive grant, which is awarded to only two UVM undergraduates per year, to collaborate with anthropology department faculty member Parker VanValkenburgh in his excavations at the Spanish colonial site of Carrizales, in Peru’s north coast region. Founded as a “reduccion” — one of a string of planned towns to which the Spanish colonial government forced native subjects to move during the 1570′s AD — Carrizales offers a unique context for examining the spatial dynamics of Spanish colonialism and the processes through which colonists sought to convert and “civilize” local populations. Theo’s research will focus on the architecture of the site’s most monumental structure (its church) and offer on of the first systematic studies of vernacular church architecture in the colonial Spanish Americas. Congratulations Theo!

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