Anthropology Professor Jeanne Shea’s Recent Research Successes

Dr. Shea’s article entitled “Revolutionary Narratives of Self-Compassion among Older Women in Post-Mao Beijing” will be published in an April 2014 special issue of the journal Anthropology and Medicine on social suffering and compassion in Chinese cultural settings. The article traces how middle-aged and young-old Chinese women came to express and embody a theme of […]

Eating Far From Home: Migrant Foodways in Vermont

Anthropology professor Teresa Mares with Geography professor Pablo Bose speak about their research on food and migration in Vermont, particularly their involvement with two community projects – one that works with refugees on urban farming, and another that works with migrant workers on kitchen gardening. Through this talk, Drs. Bose and Mares provide a deeper […]

Scott Van Keuren and Mark Agostini publish new article on Ancestral Pueblo pottery

An article detailing Scott Van Keuren’s research on southwestern pottery appears in the December issue of Journal of Anthropological Archaeology. The article shows how a high-tech compositional analysis of paints revealed that only certain potters had access to the knowledge and resources required to craft a richly-decorated pottery type. The study is part of a […]

Prof. John Crock Presents New Rock Art Research

John Crock presented “3D Modeling and visualization of Amerindian Cave Sites and Rock Art in the Caribbean” (with Wetherbee Dorshow, Ph.D.; Earth Analytic, Inc.) at the new Center for Advanced Visualization and Experiential Analysis (CAVEA) at Metropolitan State University of Denver on 11/6/2013.  This technology allows a 3D rendering of caves containing rock art from […]

Video for Luis Vivanco’s Talk on Bicycle Cultures

Please see this link for a video of Luis Vivanco’s talk on bicycle cultures at the University of California, Davis from April, 2013. Prof. Vivanco’s talk begins at roughly 21 minutes in.

Two Anthropology Professors Get Competitive College of Arts and Sciences Awards

Each year the College of Arts and Sciences provides up to five Faculty Research Support Awards (FRSA), including one Joan Smith Award for research that addresses, illuminates or seeks to ameliorate a pressing issue of social injustice.  This year we are proud to announce that Anthropology actually got two of the awards. Emily Manetta received […]

On Two Wheels: Update on Luis Vivanco’s Research on Bike Culture

Recently, Luis Vivanco returned from delivering a lecture called “Reconsidering the Bicycle”  at Hamilton College, part of his ongoing research on bike cultures in the United States and abroad. For a write-up on the lecture, please click here. With support from UVM’s REACH program, Vivanco visited Bogotá, Columbia to study urban bike cultures and bicycle advocacy […]

Video Available for James B. Petersen First Annual Archaeology Lecture

For the video footage of Dr. John Crock’s lecture “Exploring the 14th-16th Centuries of Native Settlement in the Champlain Valley” courtesy of Vermont’s Regional Educational Television Network, please visit:

Consulting Archaeology Program Research on Paleoindians and the Champlain Sea

Jess Robinson, John Crock and Wetherbee Dorshow will be presenting their poster Through the Mountains to the Sea: An Analysis of Champlain Sea Shorelines, Site Patterning, and Travel Corridors in the Eastern Champlain Basin at Paleoamerican Odyssey: A Conference Focused on First Americans Archaeology, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, on October 18th.  Crock, Robinson […]

New Publications Forthcoming for Scott Matter

Scott Matter has two book chapters forthcoming: Debating belonging on contested land: cultural politics and territoriality in rural Kenya,” in Negotiating Territoriality: Spatial Dialogues between State and Tradition. Allan Charles Dawson, Laura Zanotti, and Ismael Vaccaro, (eds), Routledge (forthcoming 2013-2014) Diversifying Maasai diversification: Macro-level factors and contrasting livelihood pathways in contemporary Kenya. Rural Economies and […]