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Anthropology Department Blog

Archaeological Investigation on UVM Campus

Posted: September 6th, 2017 by dblom

UVM’s CAP archaeologists conduct survey on campus in front historic Wheeler house (home of UVM History Department) in advance of a new pedestrian path.

Domestic cow (Bos taurus) burial discovered in one of the test excavations.








Professor Luis Vivanco and Collaborators Awarded NEH Grant to Update the Popular Image of Vermont Farmer

Posted: September 5th, 2017 by dblom

We are pleased to announce one of Luis Vivanco’s collaborations has resulted in a prestigious NEH grant.  See stories reporting on this important project designed to broaden the image of the “Vermont farmer” to include the diversity of individuals represented in Vermont agriculture here and here.




Professor John Crock’s Caribbean Research Highlighted in Environmental Archaeology: The Journal of Human Palaeoecology

Posted: August 31st, 2017 by dblom

‘Marineness’, the Underwater Seascape and Variability in Maritime Adaptations in the Late Ceramic Age Northern Lesser Antilles
by John G. Crock, Nanny Carder and Wetherbee Dorshow

To investigate potential variation between the fishing practices of contemporaneous Late Ceramic Age villages in the northern Lesser Antilles, we model expectations for each site based on local marine habitat and bathymetry and compare them to observed differences in zooarchaeological assemblages. The predictive model approximates which taxa were the most likely to have been targeted by fishers from each site, assuming that the majority of fishing likely occurred within short distances from each settlement. A comparison of expectations and archaeological observations is used to expose potential differences between sites in preferred fishing areas and techniques, preferred foods, or social distinctions. This variability is argued to reflect a fishing community’s ‘marineness’, or the interrelationship members have with the unique composition of marine resources and underwater seascape adjacent to their villages.

Dr. Crock in the UVM Anthropology Laboratory

Professor Teresa Mares new columnist for Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development

Posted: August 31st, 2017 by dblom

Professor Teresa Mares has been asked to serve as a quarterly columnist for the Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development. Her column, “Cultivating Comida” will focus on the themes of food justice and race/ethnicity in the food system, with a specific focus on Latinx communities and immigrants. Her first column “Finding Comida in Our Everyday Lives” was just published, and the full text is available here!




Anthropology Major, Siera Carusone, in Kigali, Rwanda

Posted: August 1st, 2017 by dblom

As the first recipient of the University of Global Health Equity (UGHE) Summer Internship offered by the UVM Career Center and the College of Arts and Sciences, Siera Carusone ’18 is studying in Kigali, Rwanda.   Read more about her work here



Faculty Feature on Jonah Steinberg

Posted: June 9th, 2017 by dblom

Associate professor and cultural anthropologist Jonah Steinberg tells the story of how he first became interested in those living at the “extreme social edge.”

Steinberg’s current research, funded by a multi-year grant from the National Science Foundation, explores the lives of runaway children in North India.


Story on Summer UVM Archaeology Interns

Posted: June 9th, 2017 by dblom


From the Milton Independent: “Digging in, part two: UVM archaeology survey completed at Stannard House




UVM Alums Headed to Graduate and Professional Schools!

Posted: May 19th, 2017 by tmares

Here are just a few of the many paths our alumni take for their post-graduate education!

Elliot Brake (’13) was accepted to the University of Maine’s Law Program.

Paige Brochu (’15) was accepted to the Boston University Environmental Health M.A. program.

Julia Burns (’15) was accepted to MS program in Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois-Champaign Urbana.

Gemma Duffee (’14) was accepted to the MS program Design and Urban Ecologies program at the Parson’s School of Design at the New School.

Kathryn Martin (’13) was accepted to the MS Program in Physician Assistant Studies at Stanford University.

Fiona Mills (’13) was accepted to the MA program in Gender and Development program at the University of Sussex!

Yael Rhodes (’14) was accepted to the Masters program in Conflict Resolution at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University

David Waller (’17) was accepted to the University of Rhode Island to pursue a Master’s degree in College Student Personnel.


Anthropology Students Present their Work at the UVM Student Research Conference

Posted: April 29th, 2017 by dblom

Several anthropology students presented their work at the UVM Student Research Conference, including one interviewed by NPR.

Ariadne Argyros, A Stylistic Analysis of Middle Kingdom Faience Hippopotami Statuettes (Advisor: Scott Van Keuren)

Liz Cheli, How Ethnography Informs the Study of Archaeological Pottery Production (Advisor: Scott Van Keuren)

Catherine Dey, Mayan, Mimbres, and Moche: Human Representation in Prehistoric Pottery (Advisor: Scott Van Keuren)

Leyla Dickason, Ceramic Volume Measurements: A Comparative Analysis (Advisor: Scott Van Keuren)

Molly Duff, Would I Eat This? Negotiating Boundaries of Risk and Service in the Kitchen (Advisor: Teresa Mares)

Rebecca Friedlander, Illuminating the Past: Exploring the Use of Luminol on Ancient Southwestern Pottery (Advisor: Scott Van Keuren)

Darnell Holmes, Flint Knapping Process and Use-wear Analysis (Advisor: John Crock)

Lily Kim, The Coiling Technique and Jomon Period (Advisor: Scott Van Keuren)

Julia Lees, Making Entomophagy a Reality: Investigating Optimal Growth Conditions for Tenebrio molitor (mealworms)(Advisor: Victor Izzo)

Hayley Malloy, Trifling With Typology (Advisor: Scott Van Keuren)

Masha Nazarko, Looter\’s Place in Archaeology (Advisor: Scott Van Keuren)

Eileen Parks, A Cross-Cultural Examination of Funerary Pottery (Advisor: Scott Van Keuren)

Haley Parry, Looted pottery and its Effects on American Archaeology (Advisor: Scott Van Keuren)

Helena Rainville, The influence access to other resources and distance from the community had on the choice of clay resource locations (Advisor: Scott Van Keuren)

Gabriela Sarriera, Outdated Legal Barriers to Health in Rwanda (Advisor: Laura Hill)

David Waller, Inside Jokes: An Analysis of Mythological Depictions on Pottery and Ceramics (Advisor: Scott Van Keuren)

Nian Wan, Autoethnography as Reflexive Method: Insights into Preparing an Advanced Directive as a Chinese Woman with a Disability (Advisor: Richard Pinckney)

Cara Zhuang, Home as an Aging Place: An Ethnography of Community-Dwelling Elders in Shanghai (Advisor: Jeanne Shea)

Anthropology Student Awarded a Grant for Summer Research

Posted: April 29th, 2017 by dblom

Sonia Zaccheo, a junior minoring in Anthropology with a global health focus, has been awarded a UVM College of Arts and Sciences APLE Summer Stipend to support her Honors thesis research this summer. Her ethnographic research is focused on mapping and analyzing the food and nutrition resources, programs, and initiatives on offer for resettled refugees in Chittenden County. Part of her project will involve creating a map of these services with ArcGIS, in hopes of providing a tangible resource for providers and members of the refugee community. The APLE award will also help fund Sonia’s training with ArcGIS techniques.

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