April 16th- A Truly Shitty Day

Today was, as my title suggests, a truly shitty day. The past couple of days have been rainy/snowy/windy so I’ve been putting off going to my spot. To my surprise, today was equally shitty… HOWEVER, I ventured into the hostile weather in the name of science! My findings were unfortunately lackluster and similar to those of my last post…

Despite the fact that my spot is a supposed riparian corridor, I found no evidence of amphibian happenings. I attribute that mostly to the fact that their was a thinnish layer of ice and snow so I couldn’t see the ground, mud, or potential tracks. In addition, I was unable to see any sprouting of wildflowers, partially because of the layer of ice and snow inhibiting┬ámy view of the true ground, but mostly because I’ve yet to see any wildflowers anywhere around campus.

My spot is a fairly sized patch of woods among many edges. I question how functioning such an environment of that size is bound to be when it has so many edges. Anyway, my spot is bordered to the south by an abrupt stop in woods and a pickup in kept grass on the Burlington Country Club. On the other side of the woods is campus kept property. To the east is the track and to the west is redstone dorms. So even tho not all of the edges on the sides of my spot are concrete or especially developed, the edges must significantly effect the ecological happenings of the spot.