6 months until real life…

20 11 2011

Exactly six months from today I will be at my college graduation..

Seriously, how the hell did that happen?! Aren’t I still a little first year wandering around campus looking for my classes? I somehow went from that to the old seniors that seemingly have everything together. It’s weird to think that I’m that person now, even though I don’t think of myself in that way.

I know everyone says it and it’s cliched, but I truly cannot believe that in six months I’ll be graduating and out in the “real world.” I had to register for classes this past week, and it hit me that it was the last time I’d have to do that, which was a really cool but really weird feeling at the same time. It might sound like I’m having a minor freak out, but I’m actually very excited to be done with school and move onto something new and different. There are so many things that I’m looking forward to, like moving out, getting an apartment (again), finding a job, and starting the rest of my life. But I’m sure I’ll get all sentimental and not want to leave school the closer it gets to graduation.

Anywho, onto slightly more happy topics! This past weekend I met my mom in Dublin for a mini-vacation, and to surprise me, my sister came with her! It was absolutely wonderful. I was starting to get really antsy and homesick and ready to come home from London, but seeing my family and spending time with them really helped to “re-charge” me, so to speak, and now I feel like I’ll get through the next month here.

We managed to cram a lot into 4 days – we walked all around Dublin, went to the National Gallery, Natural History Museum, Dublin Zoo, Phoenix Park, Trinity College, pubs (with fantastic food and Guinness – seriously, you have to have Guinness when you’re in Ireland…it’s like fireworks on the 4th of July in the U.S…just has to be done), lots of shopping, and laughing with my mom and sister.

Tiger at Dublin Zoo

gawwwww 🙂

Me, mom, and my sister at Dublin Castle

Christ Church Cathedral

funny sign

I've seen the best signs while I've been abroad...very amusing



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