A “wee” post (not really, but I’ll try)

31 10 2011

So this is going to be a wee post in honor of my most recent trip: Scotland.

I spent this past weekend in Scotland, and I have to say, it was incredible. I really wish that we had had longer to spend there, because I loved the trip so much and loved what we saw. I keep saying that the most recent thing I did is my favorite thing I’ve done in London so far, and this is no exception. We spent Friday in Edinburgh and took a tour around the city with our guide for the weekend, who was great (a few of us ended up having drinks with him later that weekend, but that’s a different part of the story!). He knew so much about Scotland and Scottish history, it was crazy. Also, I learned that almost every Scottish tale ends in one way or another in death and/or dismemberment. Morbid at first, but it got funny after a while. What I loved most about Edinburgh was that it had the feeling of a city, but it didn’t seem to have the same frantic pace that London seems to have 24/7, so that was a really nice change.

Grassmarket in Edinburgh

St. Giles Cathedral

On Saturday and Sunday, we toured around the highlands and stayed in a seacoast town called Oban. The highlands were breathtaking. It was like every image you have ever seen or concocted in your head about the countryside multiplied by 100. The landscape was so dramatic, I couldn’t believe it. It almost felt to me like I was in a completely different world. My pictures don’t truly do it justice, but I had to try!

Looking for Nessie(Looking for the Nessie in Loch Ness!)

Loch Ness(Loch Ness)

Glencoe(This picture in particular doesn’t do the true location justice. It literally took my breath away, mostly because of the beauty, but partially because the wind almost knocked me over!)

Sheep(There were sheep everywhere we went. I’m pretty sure I saw more sheep than I did people this weekend.)

Oban(This is Oban – where we stayed the second night. The picture was taken right across the street from our hostel)

William Wallace memorial(This is the view from the top of the William Wallace memorial. Another story that ends with a fairly gruesome death and dismemberment…pretty place though.)

Like I said, not a very “wee” post. Scotland really was amazing, and I was actually sad that I had to leave Sunday night and come back to London, because I wanted to spend more time there. Now to start planning a return trip…





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