London 2011

21 03 2011

I’ve officially been accepted to study abroad in London for Fall 2011!!!!

I applied through Arcadia University’s College of Global Studies, and I’m going to be at the University of Westminster, which is right in London. The easy part (all the application stuff) is done – now comes all the paperwork: picking classes, making deposits, filling out more forms, getting classes approved, and so on. Now that it’s official, it feels so much more real. I’ve been talking about applying and going for a few months now, but after getting the official acceptance, it’s kind of like “wow this is actually going to happen.” It’s definitely a good feeling though 🙂

It’s funny because I never really planned on studying abroad until this year when it just kind of hit me that it was something I really wanted to do. I chose London because I am interested in marketing/advertising, and what better place to study that than London? Plus, I’ve wanted to go to London for a really long time. It worked out perfectly with my schedule with all the classes I have to take to graduate as well, which is great. More updates to come as I get more exciting information about London!

Other than that, life at UVM is pretty great. I can honestly say I have no complaints, which is an awesome feeling. All of my classes are going really well, and everything else is my life is pretty awesome too.  This is the second week back after spring break. I didn’t do anything super exciting, unlike a few of my friends who went to Miami. I split my time between being home with my family and in New York with my boyfriend.  It was nice to just relax and be with my favorite people, and not have to worry about anything.

Happy Spring! (except it is snowing as I write this…gotta love Vermont)



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