Is more snow really necessary?

9 02 2011

Ok, I know that since I go to school in Vermont, I should be used to the snow and potentially like the snow. Only one of those is true. Yes, I am used to the snow – I’m originally from NH, so winter isn’t really a new concept for me. However, I only like the snow for about 2-3 weeks around Christmas. After that, I think it should just go away and just be cold until like March/April. If I could, I’d take a huge industrial hair dryer and just go to town melting all of the snow. Funny image right?

We recently got hit with two major snow storms – one last Wednesday and one this past weekend. During the Wednesday storm, we got around 2 1/2 feet of snow – my tires were completely covered. It took my roommate and I a half hour just to clear it all out. The fun part of that (as if shoveling 2 1/2 feet of snow isn’t fun enough) was after we were down shoveling, we jumped off our small fence into snow banks, which was actually really fun.

Even though there is a disgusting amount of snow everywhere, I have to admit it is kind of pretty. I wish I had a picture to post! When it is sunny out, all the snow sparkles and glitters. But even though it’s pretty, I can’t wait for the day when I don’t have to go outside wearing more than 2 layers and can wear sandals instead of big clunky winter boots 🙂



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