Less work, but more work?

25 01 2011

Somehow, through all of my goals and conscious decisions to do less work this semester and not spread myself too thin, I’ve still managed to get myself right back involved with lots of work. I’m feeling at this point me doing slightly too much work is inevitable, and that’s just who I am.

Mind you, this is not a bad thing. Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do with myself if I had more free time to sit around and do nothing. I’d be very boring and not have exciting things to talk about, or have super strong feelings about what I’m doing. I feel that by being so involved in my work and what I do helps makes me who I am. Being super involved and working really hard has really helped me to get to where I am today, and as much as I sometimes complain about it, I wouldn’t change it and have no regrets.

So quick bit of advice: don’t be afraid to get super involved in an activity. Doesn’t even matter what activity it is. If you feel strongly about something or really enjoy something, go for it :]

Anywho, a week into the semester and classes are going great (Yes. If you are keeping track, I’m already doing a lot of work and it’s only the first week of classes). I’m taking two design classes that I absolutely love, and a public policy class that is really interesting. I love the professor – she taught my marketing class last semester and I really enjoy the way she teaches. She takes a potentially boring subject and makes it interesting, which I feel is a really strong measure of a teacher.

On a completely opposite subject, here is a picture of a culinary mishap I had last week. Came home late from a meeting, REALLY wanted pasta. Made my pasta and sauce, and then proceeded to drop it all over the kitchen floor, the wall in the kitchen, and the wall/ceiling the the living room. Not exactly sure how that happened, but the bowl didn’t break. And for the record, spaghetti and sauce feels gross between the toes!



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