Really really really cold….

28 12 2010

Hi all,

I am well into my Christmas break, and loving it. This break was much needed after the end of this semester. I had sooo much to do…

I had one really big project for the end of the semester for my College Media Practicum (the class that I get credit for working at the Cynic). I had to put together a layout training manual/style guide that ended up being somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 pages. I had this great plan for getting the majority of it done over Thanksgiving break, but lots of good food and seeing friends got in the way of that plan, so I ended up doing most of it the week that it was due. I wouldn’t recommend that way of doing things.

All of my other classes weren’t too bad. I had two other projects and three exams and they all went pretty well. The only way I stayed relatively sane was refusing to do any work after 1pm because I needed to sleep, and took time to eat. It sounds really simple and you hear that all the time, but it really did help I think.

Now I’m at home and enjoying the free time. I am working on some design projects, but it isn’t overly stressful. We got hit with a big snowstorm on Sunday/Monday and it has been incredibly cold and windy ever since. I’m all bundled up inside and I’m STILL shivering. I suppose that comes with living in New England.

Super excited to get back to VT – I’ll have an update once I get back :]



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