The Cynic

6 04 2010


I don’t remember if I’ve talked about this before, but I’m the layout editor for the school paper, The Vermont Cynic. After a week or so of transitioning into the position, I adjusted and now it’s great. I’ve been recruiting new people to join the layout team, and I now have six people working on layout, which is great. It works out to one person per section.

When it comes to layout, I do a little bit of everything: overseeing page design, help pick out photos, design pages, copy-editing, etc. It can be stressful at times, but that’s how it goes. Everyone I work with at the Cynic is really great though – it makes it easier to want to go in and work.

We only have a few issues left this year. In two weeks we’re going to be putting out two issues in one week. One of them is going to be the regular weekly issue, and the other is going to be an orientation issue. The orientation issue is going to be given to all the incoming freshman, their parents, and a few will be distributed around campus. This issue is going to be something like the highlights of UVM, mixed in with articles and what not. It should be interesting. I was with the Cynic last year, but I don’t remember doing his issue. Hopefully it’s not too crazy!

You all should check us out – it’s a good paper that’s had a lot of work put into it 🙂



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