February in VT = No Snow?

18 02 2010

I’m pretty sure that I’m the only person in Vermont who is happy about the lack of snow on the ground right now. I like winter, but I usually only like it for about a month. Then all the snow gets gross and dirty, driving is difficult, and I get sick of being cold. There should only be snow from the beginning of December to the week after New Year’s. That’s about all the snow I can take!

Anyway, all of my classes are going well. The workload is starting to pick up, but it’s still manageable.

One exciting thing that has happened to me this semester is being chosen as the Layout Editor for the Cynic. It’s really exciting. Instead of designing pages like I used to, I’m now overseeing the people who design the pages, choosing photos, making decisions about art, designing pages when needed, and overlooking the aesthetic of the paper. It’s a really fun position – time consuming on the weekends, but fun. Just in the few weeks that I’ve been doing it, I’ve already gotten to know the other editors in the office better. Everyone who is on the staff is great – working with good people makes the job much better!



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