9 02 2010

UVM doesn’t have an official ‘journalism’ major, which is one thing that I hear people comment on frequently. However, the university does have classes that are journalism/media based. I am in two of these classes: News Writing Across Media and College Media Practicum.

News Writing Across Media is exactly what it sounds like: a course in news writing. It’s taught by the adviser for the Cynic, and we learn basics about news writing, and how newspapers work in general. It’s quite the complex process actually. We have weekly quizzes about what’s going on in the news. I actually really like this because it makes me keep up with what is going on in the world. Also, as a part of this class, we have to write articles we can submit to the Cynic for extra credit if they are published.

The second, College Media Practicum, is a very personalized class. This class for people who are involved in media on campus, which includes UVMtv, WRUV, and The Cynic (TV, radio, and newspaper). Each group meets separately once a week. Since I am a part of the layout at the Cynic, my work revolves around layout and learning more about newspaper layout: what works, what doesn’t, and why. It’s really good because 1). I get to learn more about layout and 2). There are only four cynic people in the class – two layout and two reporters – so it’s a really laid back and personal setting.

I think that if UVM had a journalism program, it would be a popular major for many people on campus. Through all my work at the Cynic, I’m starting to become more interested in journalism and whatnot, so these classes are a good way to learn more and feel it out to see if this is something I may want to pursue later in life.



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