Only Four Semesters Left?!

28 01 2010

So over vacation I was at the dentist. Let me first say that going to the dentist, though I know it is necessary, is not my favorite thing in the world. I was sitting there getting my teeth cleaned and the dentist was talking to me–on a side note I’ve always thought that that is funny because responding when one is in that situation is rather awkward–and something came up about how I only have four semesters left of college.

Well when he said that it kind of shocked me. Four semesters? Really? And then I have to go out into the real world? It’s crazy to think about. I have friends who are seniors this year who are graduating college that I’ve known for five or six years. It’s interesting to think of everyone as being “grown-up” and not in school.

But that’s a little heavy to think about all the time. I’m back into the swing of my classes which is great. As of right now, I like all of them and I don’t anticipate that changing. I think that’s definitely a perk of being a sophomore – you finally start to get into the classes you want to take instead of the ones you have to take. Also, I’m in the process of applying for internships so I’m putting together a resume, an online portfolio, and a hard-copy portfolio. Lots going on as usual 🙂

p.s. I want to thank everyone who reads and comments on this blog. There are so many people that leave great, positive comments. There are too many to respond to personally, so I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who reads and follows along. It really means a lot!



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