On the hunt for an apartment…

12 11 2009

Since I’m going to be a junior next year, I have the option of living off campus. At UVM, you have to live on campus for four semesters (2 years) before you can live off campus. I’ve heard of exceptions, but I’m pretty sure that they are few and far between. Living on campus has been great. It’s convenient because the dorms are close to classes, food, and general areas on campus. It’s also great because you get to know the people on your floor and experience what it is like to have shared living space with other people.

Anywho, I decided I’m going to live off campus next year. I’m ready to have that change and move into a real apartment, not a dorm room. I’m really lucky because my roommate from freshman year is going to live with me. It’s great because we’re really good friends and very similar, so we won’t have issues like leaving dirty dishes everywhere or not locking the door. I’m really excited to start looking at apartments and deciding where I want to live.

Last night, the Office of Student and Community Relations put on a workshop about living off campus. They gave us a ton of information, from resources on campus to resources in Burlington to the police department…There was a panel of people that came from all of these different resources. I found that the police, the landlord, and man from the code enforcement office were the most helpful and provided the most insight.

Off on an adventure to find a place to live! 🙂



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