So much to think about!!

5 11 2009

It’s a little more than halfway through the semester, and as always there’s a ton of stuff going on. For most classes (at least most big classes), there are two or three exams and then the final exam which may or may not be cumulative. Those exams more or less make up your grade for the class. It can be very stressful, depending on three grades for the class. I’ve had two more midterms this week (sociology and microeconomics). I’m sure you don’t have to be a genius to figure out which one didn’t go well…But on a plus note the other did!

Registration for next semester’s classes is right around the corner. The number of credits you have earned determines the day that you get to register. It’s definitely one of the perks of being past freshman year. I’m starting to get an idea of what I’m going to take. It’s really nice because I’ve more or less finished all of my pre-requisites, so I get to start taking classes more within my major. I’ll be able to talk more about that in a few weeks once I get a better idea of everything.

Yesterday, I went to an internship event that Career Services held. It was kind of like an open house; you could walk around and talk to different people about how the process works, what resources there are to use, and how to get in touch with the counselors at Career Services if you want to talk. I’ve been thinking about trying to get an internship for this summer, preferably somewhere in NH that is closer to where I live. I’d love to stay up in Burlington for the summer, but that is all very dependent on getting an apartment. And thinking about getting an apartment opens up a whole new can-of-worms: where do I want to live, how am I going to pay for it, do i have to get a job, who am I going to live with….WAAAY to much to think about!

A while ago I saw this tree on campus and I thought it was cool because one half of the tree was green and the other half of it was turning colors:


And then this is what that same tree looked like a week or two later:


Winter is coming!



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