New food experiences

27 10 2009

As a sophomore, I like to think of myself as being relatively experienced on campus as far as knowing where things are, how to get around, etc. This past week I got to try two new places to eat on campus: Waterman Manor and the Atrium. I had known about these places, but like most things, life gets in the way and I’d never been able to go on an adventure to these places. My friends and I had lunch at Waterman Manor last week, and the Atrium yesterday.

The Waterman Manor is on the fifth floor of the Waterman building. It is definitely the nicest/most upscale place to eat on campus. There are tables with table cloths, cloth napkins, and actual silverware that cuts instead of the compostable plastic that just squishes whatever you happen to be eating. Everything looked great on the menu, ranging from a spinach/asparagus crepe to butternut squash ravioli to a classic burger. For whatever reason, I had a craving for a burger, and it was delicious 🙂 The

The Atrium is hidden in the medical section of campus. Had I been on my own, I don’t know if I would have found it. On a slight side note, I’d never been in any of the medical buildings on campus – the one that the Atrium is in looks sooo nice. Almost makes me want to switch my major to pre-med just so I could hang out and take classes in that building. Anywho, the Atrium is probably the most cafeteria-style dining place on campus. The website describes it as having ‘homestyle’ food. I had lemon pepper chicken with rice and green beans. It is probably the most healthy, normal meal I’ve had in a long time! I really liked eating there because it was kind of small and quiet. It was nice to just sit down and eat and not have to yell over the hustle and bustle that is typical when eating in the Davis Center.

I love Charlie Brown – Happy Halloween!




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