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1 10 2009

I mentioned in one of my last blogs that I’m in a class called Visual Communication. Right now, that class is my favorite. We work in the computer labs twice a week, and the time always flys by. Plus, the computer lab that we work in is a Mac lab, and it’s full of Macs with 24″ monitors. I wish I could have one of them for my personal computer. They’re great to work on because the monitor is so big that you can see everything you need too without minimizing or constantly shuffling windows.

Anywho, the class is great. It’s basically an intro class to graphic design. We learn about alignment, rhythm, balance, color, repetition, and a whole slew of other design principles. All of the projects we’re doing this semester have the common theme of the Humane Society or pets in general. We’ve created a postcard for the H.S., a logo for a ficitional pet store, and an ad for a newspaper. Up next we’re going be designing a bumper sticker and a flyer.

Here are a few things I’ve done so far. The first is the postcard for the Humane Society. It is advertising an annual pet photo contest:


And this is what I’m working on now – It’s eventually going to be the cover for my portfolio:


Both of these projects were created using Adobe Illustrator!




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