Lazy Saturday Afternoon

26 09 2009

It is lazy Saturday afternoon, and it’s absolutely gorgeous outside. I think fall is definitely my favorite season. It’s not too hot, and I don’t freeze myself half to death when I have to walk to class. As far as weather goes, it’s the best of both worlds. I really want to go apple picking and eat get cider donuts! There is a great orchard in New York where my grandparents live that makes the best cider donuts EVER!

So a month of classes has almost gone by, and as always, I can’t believe it. Within the next two weeks I have a bunch of midterms. They should be fine. The only one I’m potentially concerned about is my Microeconomics final, since I barely understand the subject as it is. Oh well, I’m sure it will be fine. All of my classes are going really well. Visual Communication is probably my favorite because it’s essentially what I want to do after college. We get to use PhotoShop and Illustrator to create our projects. Right now, we’re working on designing a logo for a fictional pet store, and then using that logo to create a newspaper ad. The last project we were assigned was creating a postcard for the Humane Society that advertised a photo contest. All of the projects we’re doing over the semester have a similar theme: pets/the Humane Society/pet stores. It works out pretty well because we get to build on previous projects, and save some time.

Here’s a picture of my dorm room, just so you can see about how big a double-room is (at least how big my half of the room is!)




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