3 09 2009

Hi everyone! I’m back and ready to go as a UVM blogger for my sophomore, and ready to impart all of my wisdom 🙂 I had an awesome summer but as always, it went by waay too! I was a waitress at a local seafood restaurant, and had a great time. Unlike many of my friends, I actually had a summer job and I was very grateful for it. It kept me busy and running around, plus I made awesome tips. I did have one exciting thing happen this summer: I bought my first car! It’s a 2004 Suzuki Forenza (which I’ve been told is a girly car) and it’s a standard. So not only did I buy my first car, but I also had to learn how to drive a standard. I had done it once before, but driving in circles around a deserted parking lot is much different than negotiating traffic. It took while for me to get used to it, but now that I have I love it. I bought a parking pass for the year, and even though it was expensive, I think it’s totally worth it to be able to drive around on my own instead of planning my day around a bus schedule.

As always, I have a very busy schedule this semester. I’m taking five classes and two labs, which works out to be 16 credits I believe. My classes are…

-CDAE 014: Visual Communication Lab

-CDAE 024: Fundamentals of Public Communication

-CDAE 061: Principles of Community Development (in reality, microeconomics)

-CS 002: MS Office, Beyond the Basics

-CS 002 A: MS Office, Beyond the Basics – LAB

-SOC 019: Race Relations in the U.S.

-STATS 111: Elements of Statistics

All of this is MORE than enough to keep me busy. On top of classes, I’m also working for The Vermont Cynic on the layout team, playing in the Pep Band, and somewhere in between all that, trying to find time for eating, sleeping, and working out!

On that note, I must end my first entry here and get back to doing homework that’s due first thing tomorrow! More to come later!





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