26 03 2009

Finally spring is almost here. It’s so nice to be walking back from class and 1). not freezing to death in the process and 2). to see people out of their dorms and doing things like playing frisbee or basketball. I was going to put up a picture I took today with my phone of these little flowers starting to bloom, but I lost the cord, so I can’t upload it to my computer. Sorry 🙁

I’m really excited about this weekend. Saturday, Jon Stewart from the Daily Show is coming to UVM for a performance, and my roommate and I are going. It should be a pretty awesome show. Then on Sunday, I’m going to have breakfast a friend from home that is visiting. To top off the day, I’m having dinner with my grandmother who is coming up with a friend for some sort of exhibition at St. Micheal’s College. It should be a good weekend 🙂

Unfortunately, my potential internship did not work out. The team that I was potentially going to be assigned to has to fire someone instead of hiring an intern for the summer. I’m very glad that I managed to find a job for the summer. Based on what I’ve heard from other people, it’s not a good time to be looking for a job.

Classes are going well. They’re starting to get towards the end (my first final is April 30th), so it’s starting to get hard to pay attention. Right now in Political Science, we’re talking about political parties and interest groups, which is fairly relevant for what is going on in the government right now. Though politics has never interested me much, I’ve really liked the class. The professor (Robert Bartlett) is great, and I would definitely recommend the class for someone who needs a political science requirement filled. The catalog code for the class is POLS 021, Fundamentals of American Political System, or something along those lines!



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