Spring Break!

5 03 2009

Thank God there’s only one more day left until spring break! My roommate and I decided a few days ago that this break is very much needed. I’ve heard lots of people making big elaborate plans like going to Cancun or Ft. Lauderdale or Montreal. Other people are doing the alternative spring break program, where a group of people go and do community service and help people during their break. And the majority of people, myself included, are just headed home for the week to relax.

It will be good to get home and have a break from everything and not have to worry/stress out about things. The one thing that I absolutely have to do over break is find a job for the summer. I’ve made it my goal to start saving up to buy a car. I attempted to get an internship, but they were either too far away from my house, or they were unpaid. Right now, I really can’t afford to have an un-paying job, with school loans, car goals and what not. More money is always a plus. I’m going to check out some restaurants near my house and maybe end up at the same restaurant I was at last summer. We’ll see how it goes…

AND my birthday is over vacation..19! (such a weird age…)


Happy Spring Break!



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