Can’t Wait For Spring!

12 02 2009

Yesterday was such a nice day. I walked out of my dorm, and it was 45ish degrees out – a heat wave compared to what it’s been. It was so nice to walk around on campus and not freeze in the process. Unfortunately, the nice weather only lasted for about half the day, then it got all cloud and rainy, which it is still doing now. Not super cold, but not really enjoyable either. I can’t wait for spring to get here so I can wear sandals and ditch my heavy winter coat!

Over the last few weeks I’ve been walking around campus and seeing tours with high school seniors and their parents. Looking at them, I can’t believe that I was there a year ago. At first it didn’t seem quite right, but the more I thought about it, I realized that this is the time of year when acceptances start coming in and such. It’s kind of cool to walk around now and be the experienced person, and know what I’m doing, where to go, and all of that fun stuff.

I work at the CAS Dean’s Office in the Student Service’s portion, so we have a lot to do with the accepted student’s days. All lot of the planning goes through this office, along with various handout materials. For example, I’ve been working on making the folders that have all of the Major/Minor Program, Degree Requirements, TAP Program booklets and other little inserts for CAS. So far, I’ve made about 250.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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