Who’s idea was it to go to school in Vermont? Oh yeah mine…

27 01 2009

Being from New Hampshire, I’m obviously used to the cold, long winters, and sub-zero temperatures. When looking at schools I took the location into consideration and I wanted somewhere with variety. I love the season change that occurs in New England and the surrounding area, so I wanted to go somewhere where that happened, unlike California or Florida, where it stays pretty much the same all year ’round: warm.

But warm would’ve been nice this past week…

So of course I chose Vermont. And not just regular Vermont – NORTHERN Vermont no less. Northern Vermont on Lake Champlain. It has been so cold here lately. I wake up in the morning and look at the thermometer on my computer, and I swear the number hasn’t gotten above 20! Last week it was in the negatives all week. I literally walked out the front of my dorm to get on a bus, and my hair froze because it was wet from the shower. The cold is ok until the wind kicks in. That’s when it’s nice to be on a bus or in your room or a penguin. Thank god I haven’t gotten sick yet…

I guess it’s just a hearty New-Englander thing to live in frigid cold temperatures for a third of the year, and still love where you are. Go figure 🙂



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