Home Again

21 01 2009

After a very nice long winter break, it’s so good to be back at UVM. When I left for vacation I was so ready to have a break after all the work I had done for finals and such. I got to see my family, my crazy friends and I finally got the chance to just relax and do nothing! Definitely a highlight of my vacation was going to see a Celtics game vs. the Knicks at the TD Banknorth Garden. I only live an hour or so from Boston, which is awesome. The Garden is a pretty cool place to go to see a game, and I had so much fun.

amanda%20boston%20garden%202small.jpg amanda%20boston%20gardensmall.jpg

I didn’t think I would miss being at school as much as I did, but a day or two after New Year’s, I started thinking, ” 10 days ’til I go back…9 days ’til I go back” and so on. I missed being able to be on my own schedule and not have to worry about anyone else. I missed hanging out in my dorm doing nothing, or chillin’ out with my roommate and our friends.

After a week of new classes and a new schedule, it’s like I never left. This semester, I transferred to a different college within the university, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, or CALS for short. I decided to change my major to Public Communication with a double minor in Applied Design and French. Most likely a lot of work, but I’m excited. As far as classes go, I’m taking Nutrition, Political Science, Math, Design Strategies (awesome class), and World/Food/Population/Development. I love Nutrition, Political Science and Design Strategies, and the other two aren’t too bad either.

More to come later!



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