Finals Week = lots of studying/work

9 12 2008

Ever notice that the word “studying” is “student” and “dying” put together?

(I can’t take credit for coming up with that, but I thought it was funny)

The past week has pretty much been filled with work. I’ve been writing papers, and trying to study for the various exams I have in my classes. Finally, everything is starting to wrap up. Two of my papers(Anthropology and French) I’ve turned in to the professor as a draft so they can look over them and comment. Hopefully I will get them back tomorrow or Thursday so that I can turn in a final draft on Friday. Thursday I have two exams and my third paper (English) due, and Friday the papers for anthropology and French are due, plus my art history exam (which is cumulative…we’ve looked at around 200+ images this semester and are expected to be familiar with them). And all the while I’m trying to stay relatively sane 🙂 This is my last week and then I’m headed home for the weekend for a whole MONTH for Christmas break. I’m so excited, but I’m sure by the end I’ll be wanting to come back here.

Winder has definitely arrived and probably will be hanging around until April…the perks of living in New England. It snowed all day Sunday, which made it easy to stay inside where it was warm. I only left the dorm to get breakfast that morning. I woke up to go to class yesterday and it was 1 degree outside!! waaay too cold to do anything, except sleeping and skiing.

I won’t be back until after break so….

-Good luck on finals, papers, etc.

-Merry Christmas!

-Happy New Year!



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