Back to Work…

2 12 2008

After a very nice break for Thanksgiving, I’m right back to work. The day or two after vacation is always rough…not wanting to get up…almost falling asleep during Art History…I got very used to sleeping in and not doing any work 🙂

Hopefully, if everything works out right, I’m headed back home for Christmas Break around the 13th, which is a week earlier than most people. It just so happens that all my finals and papers are due that week. On one hand it’s really nice because everything will be done and then I get to go on break, but on the other hand its kind of stressful. I have three papers due (French, English, and Linguistic Anthropology) and four exams (Biology, Art History, and Linguistic Anthropology part 1 and 2). I’m kind of stressed out, but I’m gradually working through everything…slowly but surely.

And of course Christmas is coming up, so I’ve started to think about what I’m going to get my friends/family for gifts. I love Christmas, but again, it’s stressful-seems kind of oxymoronic to me. I’m probably going to hit up the bookstore people and get things with UVM or Vermont on them.

11 Days ’til Break!

23 Days ’til Christmas!



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