Back in Action!

11 11 2008

Unfortunately, I couldn’t avoid being sick forever. But after being a lump in bed for a week, I’m back to normal and feeling great. Of course, the world doesn’t stop while you’re sick so I’ve been catching up on some things that I missed…homework assignments, test reviews, lectures, etc. It’s been manageable – thank god I didn’t get sick around finals time!

I’m starting to figure out different topics for final papers that I have to write for various classes, and it’s interesting. Three out of five classes have a paper as the final exam or a part of it. Obviously I had to write papers in high school, but I have a feeling that it’s a whole different thing to write papers in college. I’m sure it will be fine – as long as I don’t procrastinate too much, which I have the tendency to do.

At the same time, registration for second semester is coming up. I’m deciding on which classes to take, and if everything works out how I want it to, I’m going to have all of my requirement classes finished by the end of this year. That way, for the next 3 years, I can focus on classes that involved my major/minor. I’m definitely taking a math class and Geology, but the other three classes I’m still deciding on. I think I have my major/minor all figured out (finally). I’ve decided on majoring in Public Communications and double minoring in Applied Design and French. Fun combination!



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